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Condos & Houses List in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Playa Food Tour
Best Local Eats in Playa, Period.
$75 USD
Cochinita pibil
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Looking for a culinary adventure amongst the streets of Playa del Carmen away from the tourist district?

Playa del Carmen has a lot to offer, however it can sometimes be difficult to navigate the streets of Playa trying to find authentic Mexican Food. Playa is a melting pot of Mexican cuisines and regions. You will find traditional central Mexican food to Tex-Mex and of course the regional flavors of the Yucat√°n. Mexican cuisine is full of vibrant and varied flavors. The colors and spices titillate the senses. With a blend of indigenous (Mayan/Aztec) as well as European influence (mainly Spanish), Playa del Carmen has it all! On our food tours you will get the chance to try a variety of traditional dishes, from street fare to regional cuisine and dine like a local. You will visit local street carts and traditional Mexican restaurants on this walking All-inclusive cultural eating tour.

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Adult$75 USD