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Playa del Carmen

Visitor Info

Playa del Carmen is near the northeast tip of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula immediately south of Cancun, and west of the Caribbean island chain comprising Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti / Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Antigua. The mighty Maya nation once had undisputed power here. More recently, tourists have been flocking here to suntan on our beaches, dive our underground sinkholes (we call them cenotes in Spanish), discover our eco and adventure parks, explore our ancient Mayan history, play a game of golf or just walk up and down the famous 5th Avenue to do some shopping.

When to Visit

The weather is the best from November through to April, but that is also when the town is at its busiest. An alternative might be to visit in May, when the town is quieter but before the rainy season arrives in September and October.

A Little History

Tourism is quite a new phenomenon in Playa. Twenty years ago we were little more than a fishing village. When the government started the ferry service to the scuba sites on nearby Cozumel, Cancun became more of a destination, and things suddenly took off. Present day Playa has a mix of Canadian, American, European, and Mexican visitors. As the town has grown, neighborhoods have even sprung to cater to the local tastes of each of these groups. There’s a “Little Italy,” a small French section, and many neighborhoods where “gringo” expats live and hang out. Of course the majority of Playa is still Mexican, but as we’ve grown in size and population the diversity of the town as grown as well.