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Playa del Carmen

Beaches & Beach Clubs

The stunning 2 mile stretch of beach that is Playa del Carmen is divided into Central and North sections. Both sides of the beach have different atmospheres and are divided by Av. Constituyentes.

Central Playa Beach: The central beach, known as the “Old Playa” because it was the first beach developed in Playa Del Carmen and starts at the ferry docks and continues along southward and northward. The main beach runs the length of the city along the coast. All beaches are open to the public with numerous access points with some being restricted due to private property. As you walk along the beach there are numerous beach clubs, beach bars, such as the Zenzi Beach Club, Fusion Beach Club and the Wah Wah Beach Club, restaurants, dive shops, water sport vendors, and the Ferry to Cozumel. If you want to book dive tours or snorkeling tours there are several boats and tour services at the end of 14th Street.

North Playa Beach: is located north of the pier at Porto Real and does not have the crowding of hotels and boats that the Central Beach has thus making it the hotspot. This beach is more tranquil and has plenty of space if you want to bring your own towels and coolers and pick a spot to soak up the sun or you can stop at a beach bar or beach club along the way. There are a few popular ones such as the Canibal Royal Beach Club, Mamitas Beach Club and the Blue Parrot Beach Club.

Cost to rent chairs from the many beach clubs vary from 40 peso per lounge chair to 150 pesos for two lounges and an umbrella, depending on the beach club. Costs vary for drinks and food but you can find a beach club that suits your budget and still enjoy the beautiful beach.